Sonicobbsessedr2 2011
Picture from June of 2011 (16 at time of photo)


May 2nd, 1995

Internet Groups

Motz and friends, anti-recolorist, 4chan/ED community

Main Interests

History, Airsoft, Internet culture, Paranormal subjects


January 3, 2007 (YouTube)

SonicobbsessedR2 is one of Motz's best online friends. They have know each other before the suspension of his first YouTube account before Easter 2009. The discovery of meeting each other is of the alliance against YouTube poop stealing. Douglas is very supportive of Motz and gives him advice from time to time. Ever since they first met, they quickly became good friends, despite the fact that they live very far away from one another. Douglas has appeared in or has been mentioned in a number of Motz's videos, he was first mentioned in "The Letter" episode on March 13, 2009, and made his first apperence in the very next episode "The New Apartment" on March 19, 2009. He and his good friend SargentMugen where working on a movie titled "Red Blood", unfortunately the project was cancelled due to complications.


His ancestorial background is presumably, according to the highest chance of ancestry.

  1. Polish
  2. German
  3. British
  4. Croatian
  5. Irish
  6. Swedish