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April 2, 1995

Internet Groups, deviantArt

Main interests

VG Music, drawing, videography and gaming


January 21, 2008 (YouTube), June 25, 2008 (DeviantArt)

PsiPaula4 (real name: Brittany) is a highly revered YouTube user known for her spin-off series, "The Insane Earthbound Adventures" based on characters and Mother Saga based on the real-life movie from the game, Mother (Earthbound Zero). Although SuperNess1000 is the main character, Ninten, the Saga series is uploaded under her account in order for it to get popularity. Its sequel, Mother Saga 2, will air by mid-June and roleplayed by 13 other friends, the largest so-far than the last series. She is also the founder of ILOVEBED chatroom in deviantArt.