His high school graduation (March 2010)


June 17, 1994 (Aged 19)

Internet Groups

YouTube, DeviantArt, Wikia

motzPHaragas (real name: Timothy John) is the sole administrator of the Wiki. He started his account on December 21, 2008. He is famous for the program All About Batman.

His YouTube careerEdit

He formerly do his famous videos including "The Letter," a warning against PoorLenotheHedgehog, the British poop thief.

YouTube TV IndustryEdit

During his residence on YouTube, he discover mocks, an imitation of television stations, created by Frankin218 (now DrummerFrazz). He decided to set up MBS. His shows are made it with his voice before entering Speakonia. During August, the network renamed as RSN2, complying the agreement of RuneScapeNetwork1. At September, he begins making Speakonia videos after his friends. All About Batman is the first show and slightly less popular than any other videos. On October 2009, he became a Sirius Director. It was until December 7, due to inactivity of users and mock-criticizing activities.

Outside YouTubeEdit

He owns a deviantArt account (formerly known as motzparagas from August 13, 2009, deactivated January 2, 2010) named iwaycookiefanboy.