Morris Tinclair (MorrisTinclair1)


April 16, 1964 (age 46)

Internet Groups




Main Interests

Watching CNN, making mocks and going to Japan


Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Current Place

Cromer, Norfolk, United Kingdom (2006-present)

Hunstanton, Norfolk, United Kingdom (1994-2006)

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom (1983-1994)

Morris Tinclair (MorrisTinclair1 on YouTube) is a director of Sirius from October - December 2009 and a good friend of Frazer Rankin (DrummerFrazz). He is residing a year and a half on YouTube since October 2008.

YouTube CareerEdit

Morris's YouTube specialty is making mocks from fictional places from RuneScape and mocks from Japan.

Morris's IncidentsEdit

Since 2009, his mocks have been reviewed by mock critics such as AwfulMocksReviewed, BadMocksTV and moron333333. He got so mad at the mock critics, he starts posting insults to them, leading to a massive war on the mock critics.

In March 2010, his accounts (Morris333333, used at the time of the hacking and TrooperofLumbridge, never used) have been hacked by 2 kids (most notably, limeclassrules12)